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Guidance, Inspiration and Support




Jennifer has been the Director of Our Saviour's Children's Center for two years and was previously the Assistant Director. She has four amazing children and enjoys the excitement that comes with watching young minds develop and learn. Jennifer is responsible for all the growth and new programs being implemented at Our Saviour's and we are grateful for such strong leadership.



Assistant Director / Lead Toddler Teacher

Ms. Liz is an amazing multitasker with two teenage boys of her own. Aside from helping run the school, teaching and loving toddlers and running our Spanish Program, Liz also creates mini miracles at large because she's just that good with the little ones! Ms. Liz has been married to her husband and also to Our Saviour's for 19 years! Her dedication is noticed on campus daily.



Lead Infant Teacher

Ms. Kristen has been working magic with infant care at Our Saviour's for ten years. She has a grown daughter that is currently planning her wedding and two teenage boys at home. It's amazing she has the energy to come and nurture babies all day, but she's the baby whisperer, so we are fortunate that she has the energy!



Lead Teacher (2 Year Olds)

Ms. Jyll has been with Our Saviour's for eight years. She lives in Huntington Beach and has two children, Shelby (25) who now lives In Idaho, and Colton (22) who has just been accepted to Cal State Fullerton. She enjoys running, movies and spending as much time with her children as possible. Ms. Jyll loves teaching her class to grow and prepare for "big kid" preschool by learning all the school-setting basics. Even more importantly, the students love Ms. Jyll.



Lead Teacher (3 Year Olds)

Ms. Amiee has been at Our Saviours for 1,000 years. She lives in Orange with her Husband, Ed. Ms Amiee has two children Savannah and Eddie and four dogs. She enjoys spending time with family and friends in Lake Havasu, but Ms. Amiee especially loves being in her classroom watching each and every child learn and grow so much throughout the school year.



Lead Teacher (Pre-K)

Ms. Lee has enjoyed working with the children at Our Saviour's since 2014. Her passion is children and early childhood education. She also likes to read, garden and hike. Ms. Lee is known for staying very current on new educational tools and bringing in creative curriculum to assist every kiddo with kindergarten preparation.

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