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Committed to Education

Both of my children attended Our Saviour's Children's Center for years. My son was a year and a half before I handed him over to Our Saviour's. He was being tested for autism at the time, which ended up being his diagnosis. As a new mom, I was so afraid to leave my son that had different social and emotional needs from typical kids. I don't know what it was about Our Saviour's that convinced me that this was the place for my kids, but looking back now, I think it was the overall small town feel of a school where all of the kids at all ages were being properly nurtured and cared for. My daughter entered Our Saviour's at three months old and because of the bond I had formed with the teachers at the school, I was so comfortable leaving her that I didn't shed a tear on the first day! Our Saviour's ended up being one of the best things we did for our kids without even realizing it. 

Our Saviour's Mother of Two

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